I am tired and slightly mortified by the trajectory that our country is taking. This is not the world that I want my children to inherit. How can we make meaningful changes? We can’t go straight to the head of the snake and chop it off. We start making changes from the ground up, hoping that we set into motion a domino effect that will go all the way to the top.

My hope is that we are able to replace the career politicians and back scratchers with liberty-minded patriots with backbones and integrity, who are able to stand up for our constitution and our individual rights. I wholeheartedly believe that WTC has the potential to be revolutionary. It has the potential to change the voters’ mindset from being marketed by a popular name or party, to opening their eyes to issues and principles, so that they really know what they are voting for. Voting for a name doesn’t help our state or country. Voting for the constitution, freedom, liberty, and principles do.

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