by Patrick Peterson, PhD

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.”
– Abraham Lincoln

In part 1 of this series of articles, I focused on how core, traditional values of the USA are currently under assault from unnatural ideas and globalist (anti-American) ambitions. The Democratic Party in the USA has fully embraced globalist and trans-humanist ideas, including normalizing the physically and psychologically destructive goals of transgenderism, accepting the debasement and subjugation of human nature to the glorification of fantasized notions of technology, while simultaneously exploiting and manipulating historically much-discredited notions of racial differences.

The very concept of “race” (or the need for race-based government policies) was an historically false concept exploited by Nazi Germany as a means of rallying one subset of society against another: Ethnic Jews and many non-Germans (especially dark-skinned foreigners) were falsely targeted as threats without rights. Despite the great irony of these racial concepts having no scientifically biological legitimacy, and despite the concept’s long history of being falsely used to abuse human rights, today’s US Democratic Party routinely “plays the race card” as a means of both attacking political opposition and subjugating a substantial percentage of the American citizenry into “racial subgroups” that Democrats treat as inherently inferior “special needs” subpopulations. We absolutely and categorically reject and stand against these false racist concepts, we uphold the dignity and inherent equality of all human beings, and deplore the Democratic Party’s ongoing policies of disinformation and gaslighting aimed at continued attempts to divide the citizenry along racial lines.

If the American Republic is to survive and flourish, this antiquated notion of “race” needs to be properly recognized as a false historical concept used primarily to abuse human rights. Yet critical race theorists (CRT) have built a dubious intellectual foundation around the false premise that race is actually a real thing, and that magically, this primary historical tool for oppression (claiming there are meaningful racial differences inherent to human beings) can somehow be transformed into a tool for utopic social justice. It’s worse than an intellectual or ideological mistake; it’s a path for continued abuse of human rights and ultimately civilizational destruction.

Both the US Federal government and locally based idealogues are pushing for critical race theory (CRT) to be taught in Kentucky grade schools and high schools. We consider CRT to be unacceptable and antagonist to the basic principle that all human beings are equal under God. True Republicans will not allow this to become a part of standardized public education in Kentucky.

True Republicans will not support anti-American ideological disinformation and gaslighting that is currently rampant on a national level. For the Kentucky Republican Party, we need strong patriots who will stand firmly for the US Constitution against the Democratic Party and against the pseudo-Republicans and globalist enemies of human rights.

The “Who’s That Candidate” project is based upon a core pillar of Integrity that inherently opposes destructive ideologies of the Democratic Party and their globalist allies. More importantly, this initiative aims to put the “Republic” back into “Republican” by promoting the liberty-based issues that will lead 2024 Kentucky Republican Primary voters to support real Republican candidates for the Kentucky legislature. We support those issues and policies that are consistent with creating a new legislature that will genuinely work on behalf of the great citizenry of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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