Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

To say that any people are not fit for freedom, is to make poverty their choice, and to say they had rather be loaded with taxes than not.

– Thomas Paine

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of articles, I started to outline how republican virtue in the United States is being eaten away by a corrupt governance, driven to act out the unnatural ideological fantasies of the Democratic Party, their power-hungry globalist partners, and an entrenched unchecked bureaucracy.  “Republican in name only” sycophants desperately cry “me too” in their eagerness to get their own sip from the Federal trough.  

A republic requires free and fair elections of virtuous leaders, who understand that the role of government is to secure individual rights, not to maximize power and control over individuals.  Government is not a tool for coercing and superimposing a fantasized notion of “social justice,” where “diversity, equity, and inclusion” within and between groups supersedes and suppresses the equality of individuals.  It is both ironic and horrific that a nation founded by immigrants, who came to the new world aiming to throw off the burdensome old-world yokes of class, heredity, and any other “group identity,” is becoming a nation that doesn’t recognize individuals within their mass group identities of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Joe Biden’s January 2023 “Declaration of North America” is a recent pathetic example of the US “taking a knee” in order to pay homage to historically bad ideas in every way contrary to the US Constitution.   

You can’t stop a shipwreck by shuffling the deck chairs, but that logic hasn’t sunk in yet for the American political left.  They are still sailing the same ship of class and race oppression, trying to politically and intellectually win a war on the same terms as defined by slave masters, Nazis, and communists.  That ship crashed and sank many years ago, but unimaginative “progressive” politicians still believe human rights abuses are best solved by promising to commit more human rights abuses.  Two wrongs never make a right, and we will never achieve a more just society discriminating against human beings as if they are primarily members of tribes or groups.  The Democratic Party repeats this same mistake ad nauseum, with remarkably resilient consistency across the entire Democratic Party agenda.  The inherently dehumanizing nature of this leftist ideology has inflicted serious wounds while spreading like cancer across a psychologically dysfunctional nation on the brink of catastrophic collapse.  

But our future is not yet lost.  Executive orders by Presidents or Governors are not laws.  Attempts to gaslight us into false interpretations of existing laws are short-term tactics intended to confuse and delay the course of justice.  When Kentucky Governor Andrew Beshear banned community church services in 2020, it was a spurious power grab guaranteed to be rejected by the courts as unconstitutional.  When Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams obstructed lawful efforts for paper-ballot primary recounts in the summer of 2022, it had zero legal merit and was guaranteed to be rejected by the courts as unconstitutional.  That Beshear and Adams engaged in such low-life political maneuvers to circumvent unambiguous law, only served to reveal their true characters as corrupt, bought political cronies working for unacknowledged, illegitimate masters.    

And thus in Kentucky we have the two political parties of Beshear and Adams, equally corrupt and owned by external masters, totally indifferent to the people of the commonwealth.  Until we take one or both parties back, they will continue to undermine laws and bear false witness against their own citizenry, our traditions and our laws.   Political renewal must necessarily arise amidst this national and state spiritual sickness, with spiritual renewal the harbinger of a new political re-awakening.  A key first step is realization that we can’t keep playing the same rigged game.  An honest, decent citizen decides to run for elected office, but both parties react only in terms of whether they need to protect the incumbent or whether they can control and manipulate the new candidate.  Like the leftist playbook, the individuality, humanity, and ingenuity of any new entry into the political fray is ignored and suppressed by both political parties.  Party leaders abhor new ideas, creativity, and innovation, and most of all they abhor true democracy, limited self-government, and liberty for the people. When only a few new candidates run for office, the major political parties will either co-opt them or crush them with their superior funding and/or superior means of rigging and cheating elections.  The “Who’s That Candidate” project offers an alternative to the same-old corrupt, business as usual contempt of you (the voters of Kentucky). 

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